The community of these sites were involved to assume responsibilities in defining their needs, identifying priorities, mobilizing their local resources and organizing themselves through a series of simple activities aimed at meeting the essential needs of the individual, families and the community.

These activities will be implemented by
Involving all social groups in the community sites
Educating the community and building awareness
Bringing about constructive development by consensus
Promoting self-help and self-reliance
Promoting bottom-up community based approach to integrate socioeconomic development and promotion of health lifestyles through increased family income, self-care and provision of basic needs.
Patient in Daraymacaane referring to Hospital

All these activities are focused on producing a direct impact to improve the life and the health status of the community sites. The development of the community is categorized through:
Activities that can be accomplished by the community with little or no support from outside
Activities that can be carried out jointly by College of Health Sciences and the  community without further intervention from outside
Activities that need outside involvement.


Community Service

ACHS Community activities achievement.
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